Our Farm

Passion and love of a family straight into our extra-virgins

The name of the firm recalls an ancient word used in the past to refer to the place where olives were crushed, called exactly “u Trappitu”.
In this place, full of lovely smells, men and women bearing the marks of sun and hard work were waiting for the coming of the new olive oil.

Lu Trappitu were born in 2009 in a little town, Campobello di Licata, in the heart of Sicily, with the aim to improve and increase the value of the olive oil of this wonderful piece of southern island.
Exactly for this aim we embrace the continuous extractive technology, using Pieralisi systems and always enhancing our knowledge about the cold extraction process.

Nowadays Lu Trappitu are in constant growing!
Luigi is managing all processes and, together with the Cani’s family, is always looking forward to improving its extra-virgin olive oils in order to best accommodate every single customer need.
Moreover, the production of our high quality organic Sicilian olive oil has become one of the jewels in our crown.

Lu Trappitu work with many local olive growers and have become a point of reference for them.
From the crops of these trustworthy growers, selected olive lots are bought and, together with those of our production, they are transformed in the extra-virgin olive oils that we offer.

Lu Trappitu are active in the full oil production cycle: from the set of agricultural activities employed in olive trees cultivation to the transformation of olives in excellent extra-virgin oil, as well as from the bottling of the final product to its commercialization.

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